Helmed by industry veteran Carmen Cacciatore,
Manhattan-based Mighty Real Agency is LGBT-focused marketing,
Promotion, and PR for the music industry & entertainment companies.
mighty(adj.) /'mide/
- possessing great and impressive power or strength;
especially on account of size
synonyms: fearsome, ferocious
real (adj.) /'re(e)l/
- Authentic



Video & Content Reel


  • LGBT Public Relations

    Mighty Real has over 15 years of relationships with leading national and regional LGBT print publications, websites, blogs and online influencers.

  • Club Culture / Promotional Events

    Ground to digital activations, physical collateral for distribution, premiere events and pop up appearances. Whether organizing promotional tours for developing artists breaking ground with new fans, or for superstar artists who want to ensure that they show their loyalty and maintain their relationship with club culture, we have a national network of nightclubs, events, promoters and party people partners we works with to activate our campaigns.

  • Event Engagement

    Why just wait for Gay Pride season to interact with the LGBT audience? There are 364 other days of the year to work with once the Pride float passes you by... Gay Pride...parades and festivities are a great way to hit the masses, but be we are always in the mix with the many other events and occasions that happen year-round to connect with the LGBT community.

  • Street Teams

    We have some of the best kids around who know how to “lock down on blocks” with your tools and branding to amplify momentum and reach on your campaigns. Whether it’s hitting a number of markets or a specific gayborhood with layers of impressions or strategically targeting specific times for heavily-trafficked events (i.e. tour traffic for similar artists or brands)

  • Traditional Music and Video Servicing

    Our relationships within the music industry go beyond the LGBT culture, and we have assisted in getting spins, play and tests by mainstream influencers throughout our history.

    We know how to work within your full-scale marketing timeline activation and strategies. We service and amplify your music and brand within the LGBT space with influencers, DJ and playlist promotion , Digital, offline, event and club activations on a national scale. We also understand when trends and music are breaking geographically from streaming or Shazaming in a specific market and can geo target and pivot our campaign to your needs. Fundamentally, we understand how to maneuver between your marketing, publicity AND promotion departments.

  • LGBT Community Activations and Integration

    Mighty Real Agency works with a wide range of LGBT non profits and political organizations and can connect your artist/brand to a curated selection of the most influential LGBT non-profit organizations in the sphere.

  • A&R Consultation

    Many of our clients have tapped into our A&R capabilities over the past 15 years and we have many A&R credits that span from original productions to remix work , song and artist placement.

    We understand the LGBT community beyond market projections and figures. We take an authentic, qualitative and customized approach to each of our campaigns and ensure our clients reach their audiences in the most compelling way possible.


  • The combined buying power of the US lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) adult population is estimated at $917B*.
    *courtesy of Witeck.com 2016 report

  • Spending on the LGBT sector has grown year on year for the past 10 years
    *courtesy of Witeck.com 2016 report